You CAN use your phone to pay in the Macca’s drive thru

You CAN use your phone to pay in the Macca’s drive thru

In August last year the internet rippled with outrage after the Victorian Police pointed out on social media that using your phone to pay at the Macca’s drive thru was illegal.

Concerned Big Mac lovers everywhere rightly took to the internet and railed against the system for not keeping up with technology.

And props to the NSW Government for listening and doing something about it!  It is now legal in NSW to use your mobile phone to pay for fast food at the drive thru.  As always there are rules, so you can only use your phone if you are off the actual road and on a road related area (in the drive thru or similar), the car is stationary and you’re using the phone to pay (as opposed to texting or something).

This also applies to things like using your phone to scan a barcode to get past the boom gate and into a car park.

So to all of those who are making the most of being able to have your credit card on your phone, either for efficiency’s sake or because you’ve lost the actual plastic (that would be me), you can have confidence that your pre-work McMuffin won’t get you in trouble (with the police anyway).

If you have any questions about the NSW road rules or if you need personalised advice about a ticket, please give Ainsley Law a call.