Why Choose A Traffic Lawyer?

Why Choose A Traffic Lawyer?

If you’re looking for a lawyer to help save your license, the reality is you’ve got lots of options to choose from.

Most criminal law firms offer traffic law as a secondary service, Ainsley Law is different. Traffic law is all we do. In fact, we’re Sydney’s only dedicated traffic law firm. So why might you choose a dedicated traffic law firm like ours as opposed to your more traditional criminal law firm for your driving matters?

The first reason is you’re getting the experts in the field. Because all we do is traffic, we’re able to know those laws inside out, back to front, and that’s really important for traffic law. People are often surprised to hear that traffic law is actually quite intricate. There’s lots of little twists and turns and traps that you can fall into if you don’t know what you’re doing. So it’s important when you’re choosing a lawyer for your traffic law matter that you get someone who knows their stuff.

The second reason is that cases like yours are always our top priority. We’ve worked in criminal law firms and we know that sometimes there can be a tendency for traffic law matters to become the less serious work that you do between your big criminal law matters. For us, that’s not the case. What we really enjoy doing is helping people save their driver’s license, keep their jobs and look after their families. And so because all we do is traffic law, cases like yours are the most important things on our desk at any given time.

The third reason is that we understand that people who have traffic matters are different from the typical people who need criminal law firms. People with driving matters aren’t hardened criminals and they don’t need to be treated like that, so although you might be going through a criminal law process, you need a different approach. And that’s what we aim to do. We’ve set up our firm so that the whole experience from start to finish is designed to help people with driving matters and get them the best result and the best experience through the process.

So, if you need help or you’ve got a question, feel free to give us a call. We’re always happy to have a chat.