Traffic vs criminal law

Traffic vs criminal law

Why we’re just traffic lawyers.

Ainsley Law is the only dedicated traffic law firm in Sydney. However, we are not your only choice for representation if you have a traffic matter. Most criminal law firms also do traffic law.

At Ainsley Law both our principals were criminal lawyers who also did traffic matters at one of Sydney’s premier criminal law firms. But we saw a real need for traffic to be carved out from criminal law, and here’s why:

1. Our clients are different

Generally, people with traffic matters are not ‘hardened criminals’. They are normal people. People who work hard at their job, support their family, and are positively involved in their community.

Unlike general criminal law, traffic offences are often committed by people who had no intention of breaking the law or doing harm. That’s not to say that traffic matters aren’t serious. They are very serious, because they could very easily lead to injury or death, and they are a form of criminal offending.

However, because traffic law offences are usually committed by a different type of person, they require a different approach.

At Ainsley Law we understand that although our client’s cases have criminal law consequences, for the most part they don’t need to be treated like hardened criminals. Instead, they need practical assistance to get back in the driver’s seat and be safe road users. That’s what we do.

2. The work is different for the lawyer and we enjoy it more than general crime.

We find helping ordinary people maintain their licences really satisfying because their whole world turns on staying on the road.

It may not be newsworthy, or even make for exciting dinner table conversation, but traffic law allows us to reach widely into the community and help lots of people on an individual level. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

3. Traffic law is technical and needs focus.

The complexity of the Road Transport legislation is often underestimated. Our roads and transport industry are one of the most heavily regulated parts of our society. The rules are spread across numerous pieces of legislation and aren’t always easily understood.

Knowing and understanding all of the regulations, how they fit together, how they work and when they change is a full-time job. At Ainsley Law this is our job, and we do it well.

Our clients need lawyers who know how to talk trucks, who understand how a speed camera works, who have seen a brake test machine in action, and who can tell a person or a company’s story from their traffic record. Most importantly, they need a lawyer who can present this information to the Court in a way that is understood and effective in obtaining outcomes. Sticking to traffic law allows us to hone our focus in a way that others can’t.

4. Our clients deserve a lawyer who is there for them.

When we were setting up our practice, we were asked: “Who would be your ideal client?” This question hits at the core of why we do what we do.

As criminal lawyers the answer would have been “someone charged with sexual assault” or “a good old-fashioned break and enter”. But for us the answer is: “Someone whose livelihood and lifestyle depends on their licence”.

For us, traffic matters aren’t less serious instances of our ideal, nor are they easy work while we focus on bigger matters. For our clients, getting back in the driver’s seat and on the road is the most important thing. That’s why it’s the most important thing for us too.

5. There is a community to be galvanised.

One thing we noticed about our traffic clients while we were practicing as criminal and traffic lawyers was that they all faced similar challenges, but there was no network of communication between them for sharing the experience and knowledge gained. We believe that focussing on traffic law provides an opportunity for us to pull the driving community together and direct focus on making road use better for everyone. We are passionate about being a part of the community that we serve and are excited to see what that community looks like as it comes together and grows.

Ultimately, we saw a need and we are the right team to meet it. And, most importantly, we can see this making roads safer for our families and yours.

If you have been charged with a traffic offence, are facing a licence suspension or need help with the Heavy Vehicle National Law or AIS regime, please give us a call and test the Ainsley difference.