The inaugural Ainsley Law road trip: Gundagai and Canberra

The inaugural Ainsley Law road trip: Gundagai and Canberra

Over the October long weekend Ainsley Law hit the road to Gundagai to visit our friends at Toy Box Mechanical and TacTicc Engineers to learn more about AIS testing and engineering reports for modified cars.

Our own cars, in a valiant effort to avoid the trip, each ended up visiting mechanics in the week before we left.

However, by Friday lunchtime we were on the road and sampling the playgrounds and calamari rings between Sydney and Gundagai.

On Saturday morning after breakfast we went to the Toy Box Mechanical AIS station and designated brake testing road with Jaxon and Maxine to learn the finer points of brake test machines and the process behind a pink slip.

After this we spent some time with Peter and Maddi of TacTicc Engineering, learning about 4WD modifications and the tests behind an engineer’s report.

After lunch at the Services Club, we were treated to a scenic drive to Tumut, where we took the kids and the dogs for a walk by the river.

And of course, we saw the dog on the tucker box.

We went home via Canberra, more for fun than anything else!

Like all good lawyers we went to the High Court… and floated leaves down the water feature out the front!

We are so grateful to Toy Box Mechanical and TacTicc Engineers for their hospitality and for sharing their expertise with us. We believe that we couldn’t do a good job of AIS, engineer reporting and vehicle modification matters without a proper understanding of the practical realities behind them, so experiences like this are critical to our ability to do what we do well.

We are also glad to be building connections within regional communities and learning about what is happening in particular areas so that we can tailor our services to fit existing needs. We hope to spend the next few months working with engineers, police, the RMS and the four-wheel driving community around Bateman’s Bay to promote safe enjoyment of the roads in that area.

We also hope to set up an advice clinic in Gundagai so that locals have somewhere to bring their traffic law questions.

Watch this space!