Guide to Choosing A Traffic Lawyer in Sydney

Guide to Choosing A Traffic Lawyer in Sydney

Here are five things to think about if you are choosing a traffic lawyer to represent you in Sydney.

Firstly, you want to see that your traffic lawyer is in court locally every single week. This makes sure that they are familiar with the magistrate who may appear in your matter and also that they interact well with prosecutors.

Secondly, you want a lawyer who specialises in traffic law. There are some great solicitors out there who practice a few different areas of law at once and I take my hat off to them. The thing with traffic law is that it is very specific and very intricate. You need someone who knows this area of law well to be able to get the best result for you.

Thirdly, you need a lawyer who is open, honest, and logical about things from the very beginning of your interactions with them. It’s not a comfortable conversation to have but it’s one that’s going to be important to you. Your lawyer needs to be able to explain how much their services are going to cost and also why the figure is what it is.

Fourthly, you want to see that your lawyer has good feedback and reviews on online platforms that they themselves don’t control. This makes sure that they have achieved satisfactory results for other clients like yourself in the past.

Finally and most importantly, you need to find a lawyer you like. You need a lawyer who listens to you when you speak to them and who takes the time to understand what is important to you and what you need to get out of your matter.
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