Can I Appeal My Licence Suspension?

If you’ve got a licence suspension, you’re probably wondering if you can appeal it in court. The answer really depends on why your licence is being suspended, because the laws only let us appeal against some of those reasons.

The main cases that you can take to court and appeal are P1 and P2 demerit points suspensions, speeding suspensions for offences of over 30 or over 45 kilometres per hour, medical suspensions, and suspension issued by police, roadside, after you’ve been detected by an offence.

The big one that you can’t appeal is demerit point suspensions for unrestricted licence holders. They have a different option: instead of an appeal, they can choose a good behaviour licence. Usually, the letter that you’ve got suspending you will tell you whether or not yours is a case that can be appealed against.

If you’re in doubt though, feel free to give us a call. We’re always happy to help.