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A red light infringement will usually cost you a fine and demerit points.

There are ways to avoid losing your driver’s licence following a red light infringement. The right approach depends on the type of licence you hold and the circumstances of your infringement.

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How can I save my licence for a red light infringement?

The best way to save your licence will depend on what type of licence you hold.

You can save your licence by:

  • Avoiding the demerit points – rather than paying the fine, you can contest the infringement in Court. You will avoid the demerit points if the magistrate finds you:
    • ‘not guilty’, or
    • ‘guilty, but without conviction’ (section 10).
      This option is available to holders of all classes of licence.
  • Appealing against the suspension – learner and provisional licence holders have the option of waiting until they receive the suspension letter, and then appealing directly against the suspension. Read more
  • Electing a Good Behaviour Licence – unrestricted licence holders can elect to go on a Good Behaviour Licence. Read more

There are advantages and risks with each option. It is wise to seek legal advice before choosing with path to take. Contact us today for personalised advice on your options.

Can a red light camera be wrong?

It is rare, but yes it can.

If you believe that you have received a red light fine wrongly, call us to discuss your options.

What if I wasn’t the driver?

If you were not driving the vehicle at the time of a camera detected offence, you should nominate the person who was.

There are instructions for nominating a driver on your Infringement Notice and also on the Revenue NSW website.

If you are not sure who was driving, call us to discuss your option.

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