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Janelle Whale & Sarah Marinovic

Your first contact with Ainsley Law will be with one of our principals – you get to speak with an experienced traffic lawyer straight away.

We will have an initial chat about your matter, give you an indication of costs, answer any questions you have and set up a time for a free detailed conference.

After our initial chat, email us any paperwork that you have regarding the case. We will carefully review it so we’re 100% familiar with your matter and ready to dive straight in to the important stuff when we meet.

Our first detailed conference is free of charge. We will listen to your story and what you aim to achieve with your matter. We will explain the process, time frames and possible outcomes that are relevant to you. Most importantly, we will develop a plan to help you achieve the best outcome in your case.We understand that our clients lead busy lives. To take the pressure off, we offer several options for your first appointment. We can speak:

  • at our offices
  • at a location near you
  • on the phone
  • via Skype
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